How to Write SEO Friendly Article Very Easily 2021

How to Write SEO Friendly Article Very Easily 2021

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SEO (search engine optimization) is a process by which a site publishers optimize their blog to rank in the google search engine. Ranking articles in the google search engine promotes organic traffic through which the authors of the sites can get a large number of visitors on their blog. We are going to share how to write SEO friendly article in this tutorial.

How to Write SEO Friendly Article Very Easily 2021

How to Write SEO Friendly Article

Every blogger keeps an eye to write a responsive article so that it comes up in the search engine results at the top. There are some important steps that should be followed in order to get higher ranked in google. It requires several factors including H1,H2,H3… (headings), meta description, tags, focus keyphrase, title length, outbound links, internal links, Url including focus keywords, using of keywords in your article, text length, images alt attribute etc. Here are the important steps should be followed as per the guideline. As a result, you will get to know next time how to write SEO friendly article.

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Steps & Tips That Optimize SEO Friendly Article


  • Try searching for the keyword before start writing any blog. You can do it through using keywords provider sites including Ahrefs, SEMrush or Ubersugguest etc. Visit one of these sites and put specific keyword that you are looking for and hit enter. Now, you will see the searched history is displayed. You can choose the country also which means to find out the searching volume whether how many searches are being tackled using the same keyword. You will be able to see the related keywords that people used to search for. Still you are getting confused? here we shared the actual concept how to do it. After searching for the keyword, a list will be opened where you have to look at for the search volume, paid difficulty, SEO difficulty and CPC rate. It will show the SEO difficulty for the particular keyword in different signals as green, orange or red. Where, green indicates for the good one which means the SEO difficulty is low. orange indicates for the average while the red turns it into the difficult to rank a post.

Other Important Factors to Optimize SEO Friendly Article

  • Your SEO title should be 50-60 characters long. The recommended title will help you to rank the blog in the search engine.
  • Use your main focused keywords in the introductory what your page is all about. Using of keyword should not be used many times but after every 2-3 recommended paragraphs depending on the length of the post.
  • Use H1,H2,H3… so on. H1 tag usually used for the title of the post while the rest should be used in the article. The H2 tag should must contain your main focused keywords.
  • Use image alt attributes to optimize images in the google search results.
  • Use outbound and internal links in your blogs. Outbound links also called an external links which directs visitors from your website to another. Internal links are the links that takes readers from one page to another at one website.
  • Try using tags with the keywords you selected for your blog post.
  • Meta description should not be skipped and should be 150-160 characters long. Also, it should contain your main focused keyword.
  • Your post URL should have an exact main keyword.
  • Install and activate Yoast plugins in wordpress to analyze SEO alerts at the time of writing an article.
  • Share the post in social sites such as fb, whatsapp, linkedin, pinterest, quora, reddit, twitter, instagram etc to get more engagement.

Some Other Important Factors to Rank Your SEO Friendly Blog Post

There are numerous factors that should be fixed in order to rank your site in the search engine. To do so, backlinks and your site speed are one of the main key factors to build a site. It is always recommended to have a backlink from the top sites which are already ranked in the google. Hence, getting backlinks from such sites improve your domain authority which has been a crucial factor so far. Backlink is basically a link from an external website to your blog page. On the other hand, CSS and JavaScript files can make your site speed low which could lead to a negative impact on your site ranking.

Test Your Site Speed

To test your site speed, visit to the google page speed insight and enter your blog URL. It will analyze your site and come up with a variety of information. It will tell you where to make some changes to boost your site speed. the errors could be javascript, remove unused css, serve images next gen format, reduce initial server response time, defer offscreen images etc. WordPress offer various plugins to fix all of these problems. Thus, you can optimize your site speed and rank your blog in the google search engine.

Basically, page speed insight facilitates you with some signals including green, yellow and red to help you figure out things. Where green has a range of 90-100 that sounds perfect site speed. Yellow has a 50-89 which indicates for an average while the red with a 0-49 alerts to fix things quickly.


In this tutorial, we covered the important factors which are involved to optimize site rank in the google search engine. We shared the important steps how to write SEO friendly article and the additional crucial factors by which any site can be ranked if followed all of the guidelines correctly.

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