Atif Ahmad belongs to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan. Atif Ahmad is a social & internet influencer who influences others to act based on his guidelines. There are a huge followers who are being assist by his valuable recommendations. He is very well known personality throughout his carrier whether it is his academic career or social life.


Atif Ahmad has been very much determined towards his goals and achievements. He never went back after deciding to do something different than others. There are many people who are inspired through his skills and motivation lectures. He participated in different social programs where he used to motivate people in public.


He has completed his Matriculation in 2010, Intermediate in 2012 and BS (Hons) in 2020. Also passed the Bachelor of Arts degree in 2014. He left the study for about 5 years just to explore new things and to get different kind of certificates and achieving skills. After done with the FSC degree, he had joined a Pharmaceutical company which was located in Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan). He worked in Quality Control Department (QC) and Research & Development (R&D) as Analyst. He was nominated for the Drug Discovery & Pharmaceutical Sciences Certificate. After getting experience, he decided to move on and to get a professional degree. Thus, he got admission in 2016 in Biotechnology and completed his graduation in 2020.

After Graduation

After done with the graduation. He said, during Covid-19 when the government ordered everybody to be quarantine. He was getting bore spending time in a room. It was the time when he decided to come arise using his skills in different platforms. He reached very soon showing his dedication and determination towards his destiny. In very short period of time, his earning from websites and other platforms turned on to the peak.

Social life of Atif Ahmad Internet Influencer

He inspired many people through his immense knowledge & experience in social life. He said that, he has been connected to computer since he was a child. There are numerous online messenger platforms and communication networks he used to deal with such as beyluxe, zamtalk, peytalk, paltalk, twitter, nimbuzz, whatsapp, vchat, vtalk, oovoo, yahoo, fb etc.

Nevertheless, he is very well known through his hard work in social earning platforms. He offers many things where he engaged himself in doing a variety of stuff including ms office course, english course, web designing, web developing, web customization, html, javascript, css, freelancing, fiverr, wordpress, blogger, affiliate marketing, guest posting, backlinks, youtube, Vyond animations, videoscribe animations, video editing, photography including background changing, image resizing, image filtering, logo designing, thumbnail making, fired texts, id size images, passport size images along with other desirable additional sizes.

He had launched his first website on April 2020 which was monetized very soon. His website “” went popular very quickly. Atif Ahmad social & internet influencer made it possible for everybody to contact him live where he shares his quality ideas and experience. Visiting to his site, he allowed everyone to contact him live or contact him via his social sites (instagram, twitter or fb). Today, he is dealing couple of websites which are being managed by the workers he hired for his websites. Nevertheless, he and his team promotes freelancers and bloggers in order to get foreign currency to Pakistan.

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